Ass. Prof Michael Chasukwa

Michael Chasukwa holds a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the University of Leeds, a Master of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Malawi. His research and teaching interests include development cooperation, political economy of development, institutions, agricultural policies as they relate to land, youth and development, governance, technology, local government and decentralization. He has extensive knowledge and skills in qualitative and quantitative social science research. Dr. Chasukwa has been a member of the Tilitonse Core Advisory Group that works on the political economy of interventions being implemented by partners of Tilitonse.

Dr. Chasukwa has carried out consultancies on development, decentralization, governance, agriculture, youth, social accountability with both international and local organizations such as the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), World Vision Malawi, GTZ-Malawi German Democracy and Decentralization Programme, Overseas Development Institute and Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN), Irish Aid, Catholic Commission of Justice and Peace (CCJP) and Tilitonse. Dr. Chasukwa is a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Political and Administrative Studies, Chancellor College, University of Malawi. He has published in both local and international peer-reviewed journals including International Journal of Public Administration, Agrarian South: the journal of Political Economy, Insights on Africa, Journal of Development Effectiveness, Africa Review, and Journal of Asian and African Studies.