Ms Hannah Swila

Hannah Swila holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Mzuzu University. She joined IPOR in the early years of its establishment and served as a field manager. She is very passionate about research and has vast experience in both qualitative and quantitative studies.

Hannah’s experience is derived from working with both local and international researchers in different subjects. Prior to joining IPOR, she worked at Centre for Social Research (CSR) as a field supervisor on Afrobarometer Studies and the Malawi Governance and Corruption Surveys. Apart from working at CSR, Hannah has worked with research academicians from the Department of Political and Administrative Studies (PAS) at Chancellor College on projects like Money Talks; 50:50 Campaign.   Hannah has also gained tremendous experience through working with international researchers on donor funded projects like Aid Effect.

Hannah is currently studying at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College, for a Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies.