Governance and Local Development (GLD) Political Participation and Attitudes in Malawi was jointly conducted by IPOR, the Program on Governance and Local Development at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the Chr. Michelsen Institute in. The focus was on collection of data on a wide range of issues including on livelihoods, land, elections and political participation; gender; security; education and health.. 

The study was organized in two components namely a main survey and a municipal study.

Survey sites 

The main survey was conducted in 8 Traditional Authorities (TAs) across Malawi:

  • TA Mwawulambiya (Chitipa)
  • TA Mwankhunikira (Rumphi)
  • TA Kabunduli (Nkhata Bay)
  • TA Chindi (Mzimba)
  • TA Mthwalo (Mzimba)
  • TA KampingoSibande (Mzimba)
  • Viphya Ward (Mzuzu)
  • Area 25 (Lilongwe)
  • TA Pemba (Dedza)
  • TA Tambala (Dedza)
  • TA Kwataine (Ntcheu)
  • TA Jalasi (Mangochi)
  • TA Mwambo (Zomba)
  • TA Kapeni (Blantyre)
  • Namiyango Ward (Blantyre)
  • TA Mabuka (Mulanje)
  • TA Ngabu (Chikwawa)
  • TA Chapananga (Chikwawa)

The municipal component focused on gathering data on various variables in the same areas where the main survey was being conducted. In addition to households, the municipal study also collected data from the district iconic departments mainly health, education, community development and agriculture.A sample of 7000 respondents was drawn and interviewed in the sampled Traditional Authority areas.

The study team comprised of Dr. Boniface Dulani, Dr. Happy Kayuni and Dr. Asiyati Chiweza. Mr. Atusaye Zgambo, Research Associate at IPOR, served as the Field Manager. The main survey was organized in 12teams of 5 members each while the municipal study had two teams, each comprising a supervisor and two enumerators. 

Reports on the findings of the study are available on the following links:

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