IPOR enrolls students/recent graduating students to serve as interns in order to further develop their research skills. The goal of the Internship programme is to provide an opportunity for new University graduates/ continuing University students  to learn research skills through a hands-on experience. Every year, IPOR seeks to recruit at least two University students the opportunity to work in the Institute.  

Some of IPOR's recent Interns include:

2017 Interns


2016 Interns 

Dr. Zayithwa Fabiano

Graduated as a medical doctor at the Malawi College of Medicine (CoM) in 2016.  She joined IPOR as a Research Internn in  July, 2016. During this period, Zayi has worked as a field enumerator where she excelled in her work. In recent months, Zayi has worked as a field supervisor on two projects and has also helped out in the office with data cleaning and preliminary analysis.. She has been a source of motivation for other staff members. 

Email: zcfabiano@stud.medcol.mw/ interns@ipormw.org 

Mr. John Tengatenga

John Tengatenga, a Senior at the Honors College, Michigan State University, has served two stints as a Research Intern at IPOR in the summers of 2015 and 2016. In his last assignment at IPOR in August 2016, John worked as an enumerator on a project that saw him spend several weeks in Nsanje district. He has also worked as a classroom assistant to Dr. Dulani’s first year class in Political Science at Chancellor College.

Email: johntengatenga@gmail.com / interns@ipormw.org 

2015 Interns

Mr. Richard Wasili 

Richard is a final year student in Political Science at Chancellor College of the University of Malawi.  He has been interning at IPOR since 2015.

Email: richardwasilijames@yahoo.com / interns@ipormw.org