Malawi's Post-Independence Foreign Policy and its Influence on Development Options: A Historical Institutionalism Analysis

This paper analyses the causes, processes and systemic factors that have been central to Malawi's
post-independence foreign policy and its implication on national development policy options. The paper argues that Malawi's post-independence foreign pol


Evaluation of mainstreaming youth-friendly health in private clinics in Malawi

By Janine Barden-O’Fallon, Shara Evans, Chrissie Thakwalakwa, Witness Alfonso and Ashley Jackson

High fertility rates and low modern contraceptive use put African youth and adolescents at high risk for health complications, including maternal mortali


Malawi at the Crossroads: Does the Fear of Contracting COVID‑19 Afect the Propensity to Vote?

By Gowokani Chirwa, Boniface Dulani, Lonjezo Sithole, J. Chunga, W. Alfonso and J. Tengatenga

The new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has paralyzed many sectors of human life, including economic, social-cultural and political processes. In the politic


Social and Economic Effects of Covid-19 in Malawi and Implications for Policy Makers

By Witness Tapani Alfonso

Majority of Malawians (80%) say their households are economically hit by Covid-19, about half of Malawians (46%) lament of serious economic impacts and urban dwellers (86%) in serious economic problems compared to the rural